Smart gift vouchers work perfectly for venues such as restaurants

Will Smart Gift Work For You?

Smart Gift provides an easy-to-use voucher system suitable for almost any sector you could think of!

With hospitality, leisure and fitness industries to name a few, we're confident that Smart Gift will work for you!

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Spa & Leisure

Create vouchers for spa breaks, treatments and promotional trends. Target existing customers and website visitors with enticing offers and promotions and watch the instant revenue come in. Allow QR codes and Vouchers to be redeemed across different areas of the Spa or Spa hotel if applicable.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Create Vouchers for membership, experiences and treatments. Discount PT sessions to entice people through the gym door and offer seasonal promotions for fitness training such as post Christmas and pre Summer. Allow people to gift memberships or link up with outside organisations such as a nutritionist to offer promotions.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Offer Vouchers for indoor and outdoor dining experiences, taster menus and takeaway options. Allow people to purchase vouchers as gifts for others or themselves. Create promotions on pre dining drinks or bottles for the table. Opportunities for promotions are endless in this sector.


Create vouchers for promotional breaks away e.g filling your hotel midweek with a great offer of bed, breakfast and dining. Create Spa packages with vouchers that can be redeemed at multi venues and sites and enable people to purchase vouchers for a stay for themselves or others in the near future.